Their Big Fat Greek Wedding!

I’m officially in love with all things Greek, especially their weddings!!! I honestly don’t know where to begin with this blog post. This wedding was fabulous…from the amazing amount of details, to the seriously hot bride and groom, and all their guests. It was such a pleasure to document this spectacular event. Kyri’s mum is actually a wedding planner, and plan this wedding she did!

I met Kyri and Eleni at the Asiana Bridal exhibition earlier this year; they had already booked a photographer, but after speaking to me I was flattered that they had decided to use my services instead. Thank you guys it was truly an honour to cover your wedding.

I also had the pleasure with shooting alongside my good friend and awesome photographer Beena Menon, from Kumi Photography. When Kyri asked for a second photographer to shoot the groom’s side getting ready, I knew straight away who to ask. Thanks Beens it was wicked shooting with you!!!


I loved this idea; it is traddition to add the bridesmaids names to the bottom of the bride’s shoe, and whoever name is wiped off by the end of the night, means she’s next inline to marry!

The following 5 images are courtesy of Beena Menon from Kumi Photography.

On to the ceremony…The Greek Orthodox Church architecture and decoration was phenomenal.

I loved Kyri and Eleni’s choice of location for their bride and groom portrait shoot. I love working in urban surroundings it makes a refreshing change, it also gives that slight funky cool modern edge to the photos, juxtaposing the urban location with such a pretty looking couple.

The impromptu dance in the middle of the street was just the icing on the cake (no pun intended!) People were unsure weather it was models posing for pictures for a publicity shoot!

Kyri’s dancing was insane, I had to refrain myself from joining them on the dance floor!