Reema + Ravi:- Hindu Wedding

I was looking forward to this wedding so much after meeting the couple and shooting their pre wed and civil ceremony;- I knew this would be an event to remember! Reema and Ravi had done such extensive planing for their wedding and I was taken back by how beautiful they had designed the themeing of the wedding. Together with the help of Brocade Events the wedding was a visual feast of magentas and fuchsias fused with a delicate palate of soft pinks candles, laces, get the idea! So so good working again alongside industry greats Shutterbox Films (check out their mind-blowing trailer here!) and GroundShaker UK

Reema and Ravi, it has been an absolute pleasure to have had the honour to meet you and your family. I have enjoyed every second from the first meeting through to editing your photo’s. Your friendly characters and your welcoming family has really made a lasting impression. It is clear that you both equal each other and I wish you nothing but happiness in the future xx

A pre-meditated gangnam style (taken before gangnam enriched our lives)