“Lovedon” – A very stylish London pre wedding shoot

I have been meaning to blog some of my recent very stylish pre wedding shoots for some time, I just don’t know where the time disappears?! Sachin and Kaveeta;- what can I say about this couple?! We are a match made in photo’g/ client heaven, that what I can say! From the moment we met last year discussing their wedding plans, I knew they just ‘got’ me, they understood my vision and style and what I was about, as I could see it reflected their personalities too. We discussed many themed/ stylised/ editorial concepts for their pre wedding shoot, and had finally settled on a theme and a date for the shoot. I got a call from the couple two weeks before our shoot to say they had changed their minds, though they loved the idea of a themed shoot they said it just didn’t feel ‘them.’ Kaveeta gave me her idea of shooting around London;- a theme and look that has been done many times over. However Kaveeta re assured me saying it would have “the Rima look” lol – and it would look totally different that the usual stereotypical London, touristy type photos.

I have to say how impressed I was with Kaveeta’s research and planing, she had studied my previous editorial type shoots and looked into several different locations and outfits. Kaveeta’s father was even on hand as our personal chauffeur to take us around London for each scene of the shoot. (Even our cars matched! yes we fit like a glove!)

I have so many images from this set and I have tried to narrow it down for this blog, here is what Ive come up with, seriously one of my favorite sessions to date!