First blog post

Wow. Ok. Its been a looong time coming, like I’ve been Twittering’ and Facebooking’ to you fine folks for a while that I have new website coming soon. Yeah some people call me a tease..I guess I am! Finally its ready to be unveiled! I hope you guys love it as much as I do;- its truly been a journey getting here. I’ve decided to rebrand from Occasion Photography to simply my name, so clients, and readers alike get to understand the person behind the camera.

From the very early stages of creating my new visual identity my designer asked me to do a mood board;- I decided to do a board of things that I love, objects around my house, places I like to shop at, places I like to visit, – what emerged is a fusion of two styles. I like structure. I like things made from good solid materials. Chrome. Leathers. Fine fabrics. I also like a bit of bling. Bright vibrant colours. Fucias, turquoise reds golds – my colour palette in my wardrobe will prove this!

My new typography based logo incorporates a sleek modern Arabic font juxtaposed with a more classic type face – which I think gives a representation of who I am. I am quite classic yet I do like a bit of modern. I like structure and seamless lines, yet being true to my Arabian roots I also like the splash of colour and the odd curve. In turn I realised my images have a certain structure, a certain format to it but also boasts vibrant colour. From all this thinking derived my new tag line “For the Love of Colour!”

So have a look around my site, vote for your favourite images, view my video documentary and leave me some blog lovin’ :)

And I couldn’t leave this blog post without thanking Ross Tanner and his amazing team from Flosites for helping me create my vision – I knew from the very minute when I saw their amazing websites that they had produced for some very talented photographers, that I would be in good hands. Thanks guys! And Ross yeah dude we’ll have to finally meet when your next in town, a shoot maybe? Thank you Jenny Ambrose for all your hard work creating my new branding! I would also like to give a big thanks to Xanthe Hutchinson, an amazing fashion photographer who photographed me as you can see in my blog header (if you refresh the home page you will see three different images appear each time after the video header!) and my about pages, Shama Malik from Jia Makeup who did my glamourous makeup, Amish Solanki all the way from Canada! –  who has worked with the likes of  Pacific Pictures who produce the most amazing cinematography ever..seriously, any brides to be need to check them out! And finally Paul Broadie from Manto Creative Media for creating my video documentary!

Here is a medley of the formation of my new brand..