Bonita & Rajiv Civil ceremony at Warwick House

I really cant believe its that time of the year again, really is it December already?!! My time has been taken away from my blog working on my back log of editing all those beautiful weddings I’ve had the honour of shooting this year. Bonita and Rajiv are such a special couple to me, they made me feel like family, such a warm and welcoming couple and their families. I will be posting their pre-wedding session too which was shot in Convent Garden and also The Mint Leaf restaurant in central London where Rajiv had taken Bonita on their first date. Bonita and Rajiv had booked their own private table with its own butler and I was treated to the fine dining experience the Mint Leaf had to offer, thank you so much it was very sweet of you, and every time I go past the restaurant I am now reminded of you guys!

Ok to kick off here’s a selection of Bonia and Rajiv’s civil ceremony held at the beautiful Warwick House, also massive thank you to my friend and fellow photo colleague Rahul Khona for coming to assist me (after having shoot a wedding in Spain the night before!)