Best of 2014!

I find myself here again..end of another eventful year.

One thing I want to do is apologise.

I am sorry I haven’t been as active on my blog or social media. Truth is I lost myself this year. I lost my energy, my passion, my zest; I allowed outside factors to effect me. I allowed matters in my personal life effect one of the things that brings me so much joy and fulfillment. Having traveled so much last year, I had crashed and burned, I thought I needed time out, some ‘me’ time. I focused on my health and fitness and for a while it did me good. I admit I took a break and in the process Ive come to realise in doing so I lost a piece of myself, because photography was one of the few things in life that gave me life.

A fellow photographer and friend questioned that and asked “is it? or is it that you can project your energy, colour and vividness in them, and so it reflects the happiest aspects of who you are.” That brought a smile to me..I guess that’s true. I had the honour of shooting an amazing wedding in kenya at the start of this year, I look back at those images and I cant help but smile. I see the couples faces, and brings back the warm memories of the funny banter we had throughout the whole trip. I look at the people I met, not just the wonderful attendee’s at the wedding but the others along the journey. I missed that. I missed the interaction with people. As I was questioning my abilities and life in general, my friend went on to tell me ” I was really drawn to your blog, and the interactions with brides, like a friend. That personal connection, you should project that more, they are not your clients they are your friends..I don’t see many who have that interpersonal skill, that’s Rima Darwash” – Thank you. You have no idea how much your words lifted me.

One thing I realise is I have found clarity. I know what brings me happiness, they are not my clients, they are my friends. I love what I do and it brings me immense pleasure and satisfaction that my friends see that reflected in their wedding photos. Here are only a few of the amazing memories shared with those friends. I wish you all a healthy, happy and peaceful 2015! Thank you all for your ongoing support and love x