Best of 2013!

I have been sat here on my computer over the festive break compiling images from this past year; its had me choked! Feeling nostalgic and reminiscing at the times, the laughter, the sights, sounds, smells and textures the images had evoked. Honestly I really don’t know where to begin. I have so much to say but finding it difficult to put into words. I hope my images from my travels far and wide will help convey some of my emotions that I’m feeling. 2013, what a year. I started the year on the ‘buzz word’ that was floating around out the time; YOLO – You Only Live Once. ( I believe 2013 has since replaced such ‘buzz word’ for the word ‘twerk‘ but I shall not go into that!!) I made a decision to throw caution to the wind and caution was indeed thrown!

I have been immensely blessed honoured and privileged to travel so much this year (I was overseas at least once every month). I got to experience such beauty the world has to offer with the most extravagant and as well as stunning intimate weddings here and overseas. I had so many weddings and events booked abroad this year I had decided to make use of my camera and document my journey, places I had visited included Rome, Spain, Portugal, Miami, Arkansas, Amsterdam, Oslo, Paris, aix en Provence, Dubai and Bali. I found it extremely difficult to keep images to a minimum for this blog post, every image evoked some kind of joyful memory, from hanging out with some of the worlds greatest photographers (and meeting my photography idol) in Amsterdam, to remembering my clients in the US and how we instantly bonded as soon as we met it felt like I was chilling with uni mates. Trying to narrow this blog post down as a summery; yes that was difficult, and here it is my ‘summery’. My Summery probably only covers a third of the weddings I’ve had the honour of shooting but I shall be posting individual wedding stories on my blog stores in due course.

I want to say a massive THANK YOU to all those that I have had the honour to meet this year and has helped formed such wonderful memories, I will always cherish. Thank you for putting your faith in me and booking me as your wedding photographer. I want to also mention those lovely wedding industry associates that never really get a mention (you know who you are), other photographers, makeup artist, cinematographers :- you know how isolating it can be working for yourself, but seriously its been such a joy over the years building our friendships and mutual respect for our work and having the pleasure to alongside at weddings, feels like Im reuniting with family each time. Ok before I get too cheesy I wish you all a health happy and prosperous 2014!

(Oh and as to not forget a massive shout out to my ‘worlds biggest fan’ (her words not mine! lol) Thank you darling for you continuous support over the years it means so much! x)

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