Becky & Damian – Destination Wedding

I’ve been meaning to blog this wedding for some time, in between wedding season, and the masses of memory cards I used to shoot this wedding, its been a task to edit refine and select a few images to blog!

When the couple told me their wedding was going to be in Cyprus, I thought perfect! – As soon as I arrived, it was exactly how I envisaged, the turquoise of the sky in line with the blue tones of the sea, and that glorious yellow ball in the sky, Ive heard its known to be called the sun! Ok you guessed it, in true sods law fashion, the sun decided to go play hide and seek on the day of the wedding, and the clouds looming was threatening to rain. It actually turned out to be a blessing in the sky, the overcast weather acts as a giant diffuser when taking pictures of people, as well as not having people sweating and squinting while posing in the heat.

I thoroughly enjoyed this wedding, from the beautiful scenic views of Cyprus, to the wonderful guests and the surprise entertainment acts, boy this family sure knows how to throw a fun party! Damian is an avid fan of Micheal Jackson;- Becky had arranged a surprise MJ impersonator all the way from Sweden who came and performed at the first dance. He was so good, that I actually thought an audio CD was playing and not a live voice!

The surprises didn’t end there. Becky’s parents had arranged for Stavros Flatley from Britain’s got talent to fly out and perform;- perfect!