Asiana Bridal Show 2011 – London

What a fantastic turn out this year’s event was! I would like to thank all those who came to see me, it was lovely meeting familiar and new faces alike. Like I always say I’m truly very blessed and grateful to hear such wonderful comments, emails, and texts about my work, and my exhibition stand; pink wallpaper and all!

  • Ali Sani said:

    love your photography and all work ... awesome ..

  • az said:

    what a beautiful stand Rima. Those trifold cards rock!

  • Dannish said:

    very the colours and the layout. hope the exhibition was a great success.

  • A.K. Sandhu said:

    Amazing BOOTH and all the albums/products... LOVEEEE the coloUr ;)

  • Beena Menon said:

    Rims I really love it! I know you'll be great and you so so deserve it! Love you loads. xx

  • this is beautiful! i hope it was brings you much success!

  • Shahed said:

    Awesome photo's once again! Your stand looks amazing too- gutted I missed it!

  • LOVE your booth and all of your materials!!