Arti & Nirat – Pre wedding shoot in Paris

Arti knew exactly what she wanted the very minute I spoke to her on the phone; “A shoot in autumn in Paris!” I knew this is my kinda bride! I love it how the couples who are booking me ‘get’ me and my vision. We are on the same wavelength. Immediately I envisaged  a Parisian chic styling for the shoot, simple and elegant and drew up a moodboard with inspiration of autumnal colours and visual concepts. I had’nt had the opportunity to meet the couple before hand so like you do..we arranged to meet in Paris ..daaarrrling.

I had taken a fellow photographer friend to assist me on the shoot, especially for the night time portion, I always need an extra pair of hands on shoot to help with lighting. Due to unforseen circumstances my lighting assistant couldnt be there on the night we were set to shoot. One thing I have learned and developed my skill in shooting weddings over the years is to expect the unexpected. I had to think on my feet. We couldnt re schedual the shoot, we only had that one night in Paris… and there was no way I could let my lovely couple down..they looked like they were dressed for a red carpert event, super stylish! In the end I scrapped my flashes an extra bulky lighting equpment and utilised what most people had in their pockets…an i phone! So if you look closely to the iamges taken at night infront of the Eiffel Tower you’ll see it was lit using 3 iphones..who needs fancy equipment hey?

This shoot was also featured on the popular wedding blogsite My Asian Wed!