Amy & Hadi – Arabian wedding in Manchester

Ok so I have a soft spot for Arabian weddings, I love the music, the elaborate dressing up of the guests and of course the food! Amy had chosen 3 stunning locations around Manchester for her wedding, well why have one when you can have three?! The getting ready venue was at the slick and very contemporary city hotel Radisson Edwardian in the heart of Manchester. For the civil ceremony, the location was the stunning Palace Hotel which exuded opulence and architectural grandeur. And finally for the reception, Amy had chosen Manchester town hall;- which I can only describe as a photographer’s delight!

Having been over whelmed by a stunning bride and wonderful locations throughout the course of the wedding, the highlight of the wedding was definitely the ending! Allow me to explain;- Arabian weddings have a traditional custom at the end of the party called a Zeffah. This is where the groom takes his bride at the end of the night in their car to be driven off to ‘happily ever after’. Traditionally, all the guests follow in their cars beeping, clapping, cheering, singing; giving their final well wishes to the newlyweds. I had the pleasure of joining Amy & Hadi in their car as they were driven by their chauffeur for their zeffah. I’ve got to say this was the most craziest zeffah ride I’ve been on, Hadi’s friends were dancing on the streets, shouting “we love you!” At one point even the police stopped the bridal party to see what was going on!

Here is a selection of some of my favorite images from the day:-