Ama & Simon steam train pre wedding shoot

Welcome to the first of many themed pre wedding shoots I have to feature from this year on my blog. Ever since a concept shoot (plane pre wedding shoot) I thought of doing two years ago, my pre wedding shoots have now manifested to these stylised editorial looks you see now. My love and inspiration for these shoots I guess takes me back to my roots when I used to be a graphic designer. I have always loved the aesthetics of type and image together, drawing inspiration from fashion magazines as well as interiors. Having worked with models previously on stylised shoots, I thought it would be great to introduce this to real couples.

As I sat and listened to Ama and Simon’s story I couldn’t help but feel more and more drawn to them. Both in respective careers they explained that to them although their careers were important and had spend many years studying to where they are now, they wouldn’t let it define them. I listened to their spiritual journey, how they had met and their love for searching for a deeper meaning over the superficial and whats to be expected in ones life. Deciding to quit their jobs and embark on one long honeymoon, traveling and exploring the furthest parts of the world, I was touched by their courageousness, but mainly by their notions of living the moment and not getting drawn into social confines.