Themed pre wedding shoot at Brighton beach

I’ve been holding back posting some of my themed pre wedding shoots for a looong time, and its been killing me! I love these sessions so much! The creative visual artist in me is unleashed and I really like to go to town with themes, locations and story boarding an idea. I have many more to feature and will be creating a dedicated blog post on my themed pre wedding shoots, which will explain the story of how I came about’s doing these shoots, and has now it has been identified as one of my signature ‘looks’

OK on to Sonia and Shivam’s themed session…well it was taken on one of the hottest days of the year! You would think that all the glorious sunshine is what we crave for as a photographer, but in all honesty, it is a nightmare to shoot in! Harsh shadows, over exposure, its really not the most flattering light..but one thing being a wedding photographer has taught me, is to be prepared for the unexpected! With Sonia and Shivam’s Hindu wedding weeks away and wedding season into full swing, I couldn’t re schedule the shoot. I am really glad I didn’t, I’ve learned that sometimes these added pressures are a blessing in disguse (as I am often faced with at weddings) They force you to think on your toes which is why Iam super happy with these set of images.

I got to thank Sonia and Shivam for being so patient with me (it was a long and hot day!) and trusting me with me vision. I always like to have a slight editorial look with my pre wedding sessions and I really loved the outfits and props the couple brought along. Here are a selection of my favorites from the day

  • mariana said:

    LOVE, so adorable! My favorite image is the one where she's in front of the car (to the left) applying make-up and he's near the car (to the right) SO ARTISTIC!!!

  • lisa lacroix said:

    What a fun session. I love your flash work!!!

  • seth goodman said:

    What a fun group of photos! I really like the photo of guy jumping with the balloons.

  • Tracy Morter said:

    I love the last one! I do love a night time shoot. You chose the perfect time of day and made the most of it.
    Lovely work.

  • Nessa said:

    So much of this is so amazing. I want to go out ad buy balloons just to have around the house now. :)

  • Teresa K said:

    What an awesome engagement session!! So much personality and technical mastery in these knocked it out of the park Rima!!

  • Oh my Gosh this is so amazing. Technically and emotionally you rocked this.

  • benj haisch said:

    so fresh. that photo of her putting on make up and him opening the car do is so sick.

  • Nick said:

    Quality. Love all of these, but the last one's my favourite.

  • Kim said:

    You guys had WAY too much fun on this shoot and I LOVE IT! Gah, the sheer amount of colors is making me giddy. Awesome shoot!!

  • Justin said:

    This is such a great shoot! It looks like an editorial from the magazine!

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  • Gorgeous interpretation of the UP theme :) I LOVE that make up and car door one!

  • Karen Julia said:

    Awesome set of pictures! What a fun session! Last pic with the Brighton Pier sign is my fave.

  • A beautiful pre wedding photo shoot. full of inspiration.